Paul Bonnallie Ph.D is known to be a modern day “Rain Maker”  His unique ability to understand and use both new and traditional systems while maintaining the motto “Ride the Wave, not the Bleeding Edge” brings an invaluable asset to any client.  His caring approach to finding the right solutions for each client, embodies his philosophy of “influence with integrity”   Paul has been recognized within the industry “as the person a client would most want on their business.”

Dr. Paul Bonnallie. specializes in technical systems.  Paul leads the Project Management discipline at Success Architects and is our colleague most clients request to be assigned to their business. The reasons: he is all over the details, schedules and business information needed by both sets of stakeholders, client and agency. He has also developed a reputation for never allowing a date to be missed and he remains at the forefront of emerging trends. As a certified technology counselor, Paul assist his clients navigate current issues by taking the time to explain both the advantages, disadvantages and the financial options, allowing them to make active and informed decisions.

Paul Bonnallie specializes in complete business strategy software designed to manage relationships, streamline business processes, manage operational affairs.  Paul is one of the foremost authorities in membership management systems.  Dr Bonnallie configures CRM system software in developing strategic plans for a business substantial growth, from streamlining business processes, data management, and providing unprecedented visibility into data to reporting assessments and analyses.

Many clients have been quoted as saying, “I had more ideas in 1 week from Paul then I did in my entire 25 years in business”. Another client said, “Paul Bonnallie… His energy and passion is contagious!” Paul recognized early that success in the technology industry would depend on more than great engineers who could build anything and great business people who could sell anything. It is also necessary for the two groups to be able to communicate. To that end, Mr. Bonnallie pursued an educational background in both technical (Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering) and nontechnical (International Business) areas as well as acquiring industry certifications.

His solid understanding of the current economic market is with a foundation in scientific research and detailed analysis brings unique insights to client projects. Paul Bonnallie brings a wide ranging talent and experience that includes, analytical problem solving, statistical skills and research applications. Most importantly, Paul knows how to bring that firsthand experience to bear in solving complex situations. His skills have been honed over time with more than 25 years of practice working on major national and global brands. Paul has directed multifaceted research departments and managed a multi-million dollar budget, concentrating specifically on fiscal effectiveness and segmentation studies that changed clients approach to its targets. Paul is the one you want at your side for heavy negotiations, meditations or analyses of the any situation. He has been able to apply this deep background in research and analysis to identify key areas of opportunities for clients.

Mr. Bonnallie builds partnerships along the way so that the transfer from agency to client is a smooth transition without items being “lost in the cracks”. Paul’s knowledge is also academically well grounded. Paul graduated Magna Cum Laude, holds a Masters in Management from the University of Massachusetts in Fitchburg. His undergraduate degrees include BS Mechanical Engineering, BS Business Management, and Accounting. He has additionally been awarded an honorary Doctorate Degree in conjunction wtih Universidad La Salle Cancún, for his work in the international market.

Paul Bonnallie embodies Success Architects with a client centric vision that focused on profitably through smarter relationships with their agency partners.  Dr. Bonnallie has created practical alternatives that have solved some of Inc 500’s thorniest marketing problems. His reputation for “out of the box” thinking and techniques has also helped him formulate varied consultative relationships in all categories of business.  As a well respected business veteran, Paul Bonnallie has been recognized within the industry as the person “a client would most want on their business”. His simple solutions and “Influence with Integrity” methods have helped companies immediately increase their technical understanding.

Paul Bonnallie is known to be a modern day “Rain Maker” His unique ability to understand and use both new and traditional technologies while maintaining the motto “Ride the Wave, not the Bleeding Edge” brings an invaluable asset to any organization and its goal to use the best strategy to provide the best quality product at the best price.  Paul operates with a straightforward, result oriented management style, which is backed with a philosophy of “influence with integrity”. These strong facets are further complemented by his uncompromising standard of excellence.

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